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  • Summary

    This extensively researched work is essential reading for anyone with an interest in Donald Dinnie or the Highland Games of Scotland.


    Through the use of newspapers, books and journals from the 19th Century, the author is able to present the most in depth analysis ever undertaken of Dinnie’s throwing achievements and competition results. The findings are presented using detailed modern graphs and include the personal records claimed by Dinnie himself.


    As a travelling athlete and strongman Dinnie was involved in a number of disputes across the globe. He was no stranger to the courts in Scotland, USA, New Zealand or Australia and the details of many of his legal issues are examined. Including when he was sued by his own son.


    No book on Donald Dinnie would be complete without mentioning his renowned feats of strength and the massive Dinnie Stones he lifted. This book does not disappoint with its thorough assessment of Dinnie’s strength and it slays many myths and misunderstandings along the way.


    Many beautiful contemporary photographs appear throughout the book as the author takes the reader on a journey though Donald Dinnie’s life and legacy in a manner never achieved in other works.


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  • About The Author

    James "Wee Jimmy" Grahame has competed in strength sports for many years in his native Scotland and also in Australia.


    He has also lifted many of Scotland's testing stones, including the Dinnie Stones.


    His first book, The History of Heavy Events in Australia, was well received and praised for its historical accuracy and no-nonsense writing style.


    His current work continues that trend with a refreshingly well-researched book on Dinnie.




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